Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Start/Finish line located?   The Start/Finish line will be at the same location as past years in front of Macy’s at The Shops of Northfield on Main Street between 46th and 47th.

What are the Departure Times?  Instead of cyclists starting in a large group all at once, we will have “Departure Windows” to limit crowding at the Start line. This means that cyclists may begin the Ride at any time during the designated departure time frame for your selected distance. This “staggered” approach allows for greater natural social distancing throughout the day along the courses, at aid stations as well as at the Finish line.

Planned departure windows:

  • 100 & 85-Mile Rides: Depart anytime between 6:30 am – 7:00 am (last departure is 7:00am)
  • 50 & 25-Mile Ride: Depart anytime between 7:15 am – 8:00 am (last departure is 8:00am)

Have the courses changed?  No, all four courses will be the same as currently listed on the website, unless there is construction/cause to redirect along any of the routes closer to ride day as determined by our Ride Director. It is always a good idea to check the route pages during the week of the ride as things can change during the final days of planning and permitting.

Are there cut-off times for each route?   Yes there are. In order to ensure you make it back to the post ride street party we enforce cut-off times. At every Aid Station there will be published closure times and this information will be provided on the website and in the Rider Instructions provided to each registered cyclist prior to ride day.  Additionally, there are published cut-off times and locations if you are riding the 100-mile route, and for riders on the 50-mile ride.  Check the website the week before the ride for these locations and times.

What are the minimum age requirements to ride the Denver Century Ride?  The DCR is designed for riders of all ages. (The cyclists age is their age on the day of the event.) We want to share the beautiful bike routes and bike lanes with all generations. However, for your safety and the safety of other participants we have put the following restrictions in place

  • Cyclists 16 and above may ride any route with a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian
  • Cyclists 14 to 16 may ride any route with a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian and accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not a legal guardian, they must carry a permission letter signed by the parent or guardian stating they are accompanying the minor on the DCR.
  • Cyclists 14 and younger may ride the 50, or 25-mile route with a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian and accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not a legal guardian, they must carry a permission letter signed by the parent or guardian stating they are accompanying the minor on the DCR.

Before deciding on any of the above distances for a minor child please review the routes at www.DenverCenturyRide.com and make sure your child is of the ability to complete the route. The DCR is a “Rules of the Road” ride and all participants must be versed in and able to follow the Rules of the Road, per the Colorado vehicular codes.

Are Berley Trailers allowed on the course?   Berley trailers are welcome at the Denver Century Ride. We welcome you to bring your children in their trailer on the 25 and 50-mile courses. If you are feeling more ambitious and want to ride the longer distances, we suggest the 85-mile, but please do not ride the 100. It is not safe for you or your children to ascend/descend Lookout Mountain’s narrow winding roads while towing a trailer.

Are tandem bikes allowed on the course? Yes, if you purchase one registration for each rider.

Are recumbent or handcycle bikes allowed on the course?   Yes, as long as you have a 6ft flag attached to your bike, so you are seen easily.

Are E-bikes allowed on the course?   Yes, E-bikes are allowed on any of our four courses.

If I registered for the 100-mile, can I switch to the 85-mile on Ride Day?    Absolutely!  The 100 & 85-mile routes are designed so you can switch to a shorter or longer route as you like during the course of the ride.  If you signed up for the 50-mile and are feeling ambitious enough to do the 85 or 100-mile, we ask that you please mention at Check-in so that we can issue you the proper course bib.

Upsizing your ride from the 25 mile involves additional fees that may or may not be able to be accommodated during the 2023 ride due to rider caps, so please consider your abilities at the time of online registration.

All riders will need to abide by the posted Departure Windows for their respective distances.

Where can I purchase photos from the event?    We will have a photographer at the Start/Finish Line for our cyclists to purchase courtesy of Sundance Images. A link will be sent to you the week following the ride to purchase your ride photos.

Route FAQs

Are there road closures for the Ride?
No, all roads are open to normal traffic during the DCR.  However, in high congestion areas there will be law enforcement posted.  These officers/troopers may stop or detain traffic at their discretion to allow the cyclists priority. Click here to see Rider Safety Rules on the Ride Information page for this information.

What is the elevation of each route?
The elevation is different on each route, check the individual route pages for complete details. Please note information is subject to change.

100-Mile Elevation – Check out the entire map HERE

  • Elevation: +6,061 / -6,042
  • Grade: 9.8%
  • Grade: 0.3%

85-Mile Elevation – Check out the entire map HERE

  • Elevation: +4,402 / -4,051
  • Grade: 9.6%
  • Grade: 0%

50-Mile Elevation – Check out the entire map HERE

  • Elevation: +1,886 / -1,887
  • Grade: 6.6%
  • Grade: -0.1%

25-Mile Elevation – Check out the entire map HERE

  • Elevation: +731 / -731
  • Grade: 5.1%
  • Grade: 0%

Aid Stations FAQ’s

Where are the aid stations along each route?
Our goal is to keep our riders comfortable and safe, so we offer aid stations every 15-18 miles.  All Aid Stations are stocked with water, sports drinks, nutrition bars and other energizing foods!  If you need or prefer a specific nutritional or hydration item while riding, please bring that with you.  Note:  Hydration stations will ONLY provide water and hydration mix, please stock your jersey with nutrition accordingly.

Will there be sanitizing items available?
Yes, we will provide hand sanitizer stations at the Start/Finish area and sanitizer at Aid Stations/Water Stops.

How will food be served safely within sanitary guidelines?
We are making arrangements to provide aid station food and hydration, as well as the post ride meals safely and according to health guidelines.

Will I be able to refill my own water bottle at the aid stations?
Yes, there are self-serve, no touch water coolers at each aid station.

Will there be first aid stations?
Medics will be only the the Start Finish line and Aid Station # 3 at Bear Creek Lake Park.

Bib/Merchandise FAQs

When & where do I get my bib/merchandise/goodie bag?

Location:  8354 E 49th Ave #1740, Denver, CO 80238 There is plenty of FREE parking in and around The Shops at Northfield.

Walk-Up/On-Site Registration–Walk-up/On-site Registration for the ride will be available during the hours listed below.  We encourage you however, to register online to take advantage of online discounts as well as to minimize wait time in line at onsite registration. If you are already registered, you may pick up bibs, helmet stickers, goodie bags and purchase or pick up pre-ordered merchandise at the times listed below.

Bib/Merchandise Pick Up– The pick-up area at Ride HQ (Final location to be announced by Sept. 15, 2023)  To avoid crowding and wait lines, we strongly encourage cyclists to pick up bib(s), helmet stickers, goodie bags and merchandise prior to ride day and during one of the pick-up times listed below:

  • Thursday, September 26, 2024: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Friday, September 27, 2024: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • RIDE DAY- Saturday, September 28, 2024: Beginning at 5:30 am

Can I pick-up my Bib/Merchandise on Ride Day?
Yes. Bib pick up will open at 5:30am on ride day at the Denver Century Ride HQ at The Shops of Northfield on Main Street.

Can someone else pick up my Bib/Merchandise for me? We encourage people to pick up bibs for family and friends, however you MUST have their ID or a picture of their ID, and an email from them saying that you have permission to pick up their bib and other items.

What will I receive at registration?
Your bib number (includes the post ride party food/beverage tabs), a helmet sticker, your free t-shirt, and any other merchandise you ordered.

Where should I get my goodie bag?
Goodie bags will be available on site when you pick up your Bib/Merchandise

Post Ride Street Party & Lifestyle Expo FAQ’s

Will there be a post ride party?
We will celebrate every cyclist that crosses the finish line. We will host the lifestyle expo, serve food and beverage and have a place to rest and relax at the finish area.

Will there be a Lifestyle Expo?
Yes, it will include sponsor booths, general exhibitors and Shops at Northfield merchants.

Our vendors, music and volunteers will be ready to greet you at 10:30am and at 11:00am lunch will be ready for cyclists to consume after they finish. We will have the Start Line Aid Station option with some food available if you arrive prior to that time. Per our agreement with the Shops at Northfield, the party must end at 4:00pm.

Please note, the cutoff times mentioned on the Ride Instructions pages, and in the Rider Information letter provided prior to ride day are put in place to ensure you arrive at the finish in time to enjoy the Post Ride Party.  If you start within the Departure window for your distance and maintain an average speed of 12mph (including Aid Station stops), you will finish in time to check out our sponsors and grab a meal.

I would like to exhibit at the Denver Century Ride Expo.  Is that possible?
We do have a few exhibit spaces still available. Please email berley@csg-sponsorship.com with your request.


 I would like to volunteer for the Ride. How do I do that?
Thank you! Please contact our Ride Director: Sabra Nagel

What Volunteer positions are available?
Please visit our website to learn about the myriad of on-course and off-course volunteer positions: http://denvercenturyride.com/volunteer/


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