Aid Stations

Aid stations will be stocked with water, Nuun (hydration mix), fruit, nuts, bagels, sandwiches, and nutrition products such as Clif, Power Crunch, Honey Stinger and limited quantities of Unwrapp’d gluten free vegan “energy bites”. Please note: not all items are available at all aid stations. Portable toilets will be available. We will have a limited amount of gluten free energy bites available at select aid stations, but do encourage you to bring your own energy bars if you have severe food allergies as we cannot guarantee there will not be cross-contamination. Please make sure you read the labels if you are concerned about what might be in the product.

Riders must wear bib numbers (supplied with registration) to obtain food and access to certain areas of the route. Medical support will be available at all aid stations; however, medical personnel will not be dispensing comfort medications such as: aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol. Participants are asked to bring their own comfort medications as needed.

If you have family/friends meeting you at the Aid Station please remind them to NOT park their car in the Aid Station or on the side of the road where the cyclists are riding. Be considerate of the other riders please!

2020 Aid Station Locations/Mile Markers – Coming Soon!


Bike Mechanics

There will be Bike Mechanics at all Aid Stations. Please note: There will not be a bike mechanic at the Water Stops. We are very thankful for the great support from the following bike shops:

Campus Cycles,  Jinji, Pedal of Littleton, Pedal Pushers, REI, & Velofix

PLEASE NOTE: The bike shops and mechanics are on site to help with basic repairs and supplies that are $10 or less. The goal is to keep you on the ride and safe. Should your bicycle need more expensive supplies please be prepared to compensate the mechanics for the supplies, including tires but not tubes. We encourage you to make sure your bicycle is in good working order before heading out on the Denver Century Ride.

Please carry a tube for your tire with you. If you need a tire change refresher, contact one of our partner bike shops, they will be happy to teach you.

SAG Wagons

SAG wagons will rove each of the courses with water and road assistance to help riders experiencing mechanical trouble or those who become too fatigued to finish. SAG drivers are not mechanics, although they might be able to provide basic assistence, they will have only a few tools on hand and a floor pump to aid in flat tire fixes. Please be prepared to handle your own flats and minor repairs. SAGs will only provide assistance to the nearest aid station where you may wait for another SAG moving forward, or phone a friend or relative to pick you up.
If you need route support:

  • Flag down one of the SAG (Support and Gear Wagons) They are identified with signs on their cars that say “DCR Support” – If you are stopped at the side of the road and do not need help but see a support vehicle, please give them a thumbs up so they can continue on to help others on the route
  • Call the dispatch number listed in the final rider instructions provided via email, on Facebook and on the website the week before the ride.
  • Stay where you are – if you move we will have a hard time finding you.