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What’s new in 2017? A note from our Ride Director

From the Ride Director
What’s New in 2017

from-ride-director-photo-1I was heading down 6th Avenue and all of sudden there was this big house I had never noticed before and I wondered how did I miss it since I travel this road every day and usually more than once a day?  I love that when it happens because I love discovering new things in the same area.   The 2017 Denver Century Ride is about discovering Metro Denver and seeing new things.   For the 100 mile route it is discovering how easy it is to get out to the mountains with Denver in full view and relishing the proximity of city and country.  For the 85 miles route it knowing you can enjoy the same route but joyfully miss the challenge of the climb as not everyone has the need to climb like a mountain goat.  For the 50 mile route it is realizing how far you can go and barely cross over the border of Denver into other cities and for the 25 mile route it is discovering that many parks hidden within neighborhoods since you will travel through a total of 8 parks.

from-ride-director-photo-2These may not be new roads for you but as you are riding you will see new things.  It is not a race it is a ride so stop and look around.   On a clear day there are over 10 places on the 85/100 mile routes where there is a perfect view of the Denver skyline.  In City Park covered by all routes there are 2 man-made lakes – Ferrell Lake and Duck Lake – and both lakes host large colonies of Black-crowned Night Herons and Double-crested Cormorants.   There are more Night Herons in City Park than any other place in Colorado.    You may not be a bird watcher but that is a very cool thing to have in the middle of a big city.  The 100 and the 85 will travel through the amazing town of Bow Mar.   Beautiful views and a wonderful community that comes out and cheers you on.   I promise that every participant will discover something new to them on the route, something they will want to go back to some other time to check out.

This city route is designed to highlight some of the bike friendly routes that have been created due to the work of the bicycle advocacy groups supported by the ride – Bicycle Colorado, Bike Denver and Bike JeffCo.   There has been so much work done to improve the infrastructure of the roads to make it safer for cyclists BUT and it is a big BUT, we do still share the roads with vehicles.  This is a city ride and there are very few closed roads (Blake St in the morning and the Dam Road are the only closed roads).  You will ride on roads that have sharrows and more markings to guide both motor vehicles and cyclists on how to travel together but don’t forget the Denver Century Ride is about riding in Denver, listed as the 19th largest city in the United States.  And it is growing every day!  The Denver Century Ride is the only city ride in Colorado and it is a wonderful way to explore this city.   We hope that you join us on two wheels to explore and discover on where the mountains meet the plains.



  1. Christina Earle Reply

    When will you have a training guide/schedule up for 2017?

    • Chelsea O'Grady Reply

      Hi Christina-
      The Denver Century Ride does not have an official training partner for the 2017 ride, but we will be posting different training ideas and plans from other websites starting in May. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and visit our Training page in May for these articles.

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